SEABANK is a diverse nexus of individuals, scientists, organizations and businesses that wish to share the untold story of Southeast Alaska’s ecological wealth and promote the region’s natural products that support the livelihoods of our communities.

Seabank location map, panhandle of Alaska

The Taku River Economy: An Economic Profile of the Taku River Area

The purpose of this study prepared by the McDowell Group for the United Southeast Alaska Gillnetters is to provide a detailed inventory and economic assessment of the major business and recreational activities currently occurring in the Taku River area.

FILED IN: Reports, Economy

A Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for Aquatic Resources in the Tongass National Forest

This 2014 vulnerability assessment by EcoAdapt helps resource managers plan their management of snow, ice, and water features, riparian vegetation, and fish species in light of a changing climate.

FILED IN: Reports, Ecology

A Preliminary Classification of Bays and Estuaries in Southeast Alaska

A hierarchical framework and exploratory analysis by David Albert, Colin Shanley and Laura Baker. Published by the Nature Conservancy.

FILED IN: Reports, Ecology

An Estuarine Habitat Classification for a Complex Fjordal Island Archipelago

Spatial patterns of estuarine biota suggest that some nearshore ecosystems are functionally linked to interacting processes of the ocean, watershed, and coastal geomorphology. The classification of estuaries can therefore provide important information for distribution studies of nearshore biodiversity.  

FILED IN: Reports, Ecology

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