The Taku River Economy: An Economic Profile of the Taku River Area

The purpose of this study is to provide a detailed inventory and economic assessment of the major business and recreational activities currently occurring in the Taku River area. The Taku River watershed hosts a diverse range of commercial and recreational activities that benefit the residents of both Southeast Alaska and British Columbia. Flightseeing and glacier landings, commercial fishing in Taku Inlet and on the Canadian side of the border, as well as sport fishing and aboriginal and personal-use fishing and hunting all have regional economic impacts. Mining is a minor activity at the current time but it could also bring economic benefits to the region in the future, primarily to BC. The purpose of this study is to measure economic values of current activities on the Taku River. With a detailed assessment of these values, residents and policy makers on both sides of the border can make more informed decisions about management of this important area.

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